Hello and welcome to Good Goats' home-on-the-web!

We raise several breeds of goats. I'll explain a little about each of them below.
We raise quality MiniNubians that are wonderful milkers and have great personalities. MiniNubians are great for the hobby farmer or family farm. They are small, in between the size of the Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian. Mini Nubians give the same quality and almost the same quantity of milk as the Nubian, yet are smaller and easier to handle. They are playful like the Nigerian. Plus, they are very cute! In addition to this, they can have blue eyes from the Nigerian side and some have a year round heat cycle for breeding purposes. You can check them out at the "MiniNubian Does" link and the "Dairy Bucks" link on the left.

We also have a medium sized herd of Nubians. We have one registered Purebred Nubian buck, Hershey, and several beautiful Purebred and registered Grade does. You can learn more about them on the "Nubian Does" link to the left and about Hershey on the "Dairy Bucks" page.

Recently, within the past 2 years, we've slowly added Alpines to our herd. We currently have one Purebred Alpine buck that was born here on our ranch, and many many Alpine does. At the moment we have SEVERAL beautiful Alpine does for sale, we just got too many. Check out the "For Sale" link on the upper right for more info on them. You can also check out the "Alpine Does" link to the left and the "Dairy Bucks" link to see more on our wonderful Alpines.

And last but not least, we have a herd of about 10 Boer does and a awesome FullBlood Boer buck. The Boer page to the left needs some serious updating, as we have sold most of those does and have gotten does who are WAY nicer. When I have the time, hopefully soon, I plan on updating that.

Feel free to look around our site and check out the blog link on the right.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us - it's great to hear from you!

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

*August 2011 UPDATE - Life is going well here on the ranch! We have several adult does, kids and bucklings for sale. For more info check out the SALE PAGE, the BLOG or EMAIL me!